At Ceramicool, we know full well that a vehicle is a combination of complex parts. Few of those components are more important than your brakes, which ensure the safety of your vehicle, its passengers, and those sharing the road with you. Accidents can happen for any reason, but the bottom line is that any vehicle with worn brake pads may not stop when it needs to, which can lead to tragedy.

Brake pads must be able to handle heat in the range of 1200° Fahrenheit. If the pads can’t maintain friction at this point, you won’t stop properly.

Ceramicool prides itself on only offering dependable, high quality parts that will come through when you need them. This means knowing the product inside and out. We go the extra mile so you don’t have to.

In terms of quality, Ceramicool brake pads are second to none.

Ceramic brake pads operate cooler, make less noise, and also run cleaner by generating less dust, which keeps your wheels clean. Today’s vehicles must meet a wide range of braking requirements, from normal city driving to highway travel, and from regular braking to emergency stops.

The bottom line: ceramic compounds deliver superior results. Priced only slightly higher than semi-metallic or organic components, ceramic brake pads more than justify the extra investment. We don’t sell any brake parts we wouldn’t use with confidence in our own cars.

Our Brake Features

Handle high temperature
Cause less wear on rotors
Allow for quieter braking
Produce less brake dust